The Isle of Man'dalas, a mythical place only seen and heard of in stories or a place that -actually- exists that people have seen and heard of with their own eyes and ears? That is what is to be said about this island so far; the rumors, as no-one has truly been able to see this place in person. No-one except for the Druids of the Night Elven people that is. The island was believed to have been founded after the Great Sundering by the Druids somewhere around the Third War

There were two Night Elven Druids that were able to get passage on the boat that Maiev Shadowsong took to get to the Eastern Kingdoms, but they did in their own way. The Druids were shapeshifted, disguised in the forms of stormcrows on the upper rafters of the night elven vessel, and though the ship played a major role in transporting Maiev to the Eastern Kingdoms so that she could find Illidan Stormrage, the Druids chose not to interfere with them and flew up to the northern regions.

Without a map to help them get to where they were going, they became lost on the coast of the Hinterlands, flying above -nothing- but open seas until they found the shore of... Something. It was on that shore that they found big tall trees, leafs flourishing with brilliant green and bark, so dark that it could be considered rich and pure, but most of all some distinguishing Kaldorei ruins. The Ruins of T'as'e; which was a