Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Night Elf - Druid




Darkshore, Auberdine


Lord-Patriarch of Talah Zin Thera
Shan'do Knighthaven S. Neph'anis
Shan'do of Guardians of Kalimdor (Formerly)


Grand Alliance
Guardians of Kalimdor (Formerly)
The Seventh Vanguard (Formerly)
Talah Zin Thera

Current Title(s):

Master Druid of the Knight and Haven
Lord-Patriarch Knighthaven S. Neph'anis
Guardian of Hyjal
Druid of the Cenarion Circle
Master Druid Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Con'Torenno Nelthal'anis (Father, Missing)
Loriaraven Tor'Tonickella (Mother, Deceased)
Stellaria Neph'anis (Daughter, Alive)


None or most are deceased


Karoline Everstar (Courtship, Alive)
Myrak Graytorn (Friend, Alive)
Kyandra Icefire (Friend, Alive)
Kanadros (Friend, Alive)



Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis is a Kaldorei Druid. He is a master druid and had previously worked with the night elves inside the order of Guardians of Kalimdor and had helped Lady Amÿthÿst Firesteel and Lord Thaldun Firesteel in upkeeping the order. Knighthaven S. Neph'anis had served amongst the night elves of Guardians of Kalimdor for quite a while as a Commander, until he felt that he should resign from his duties inside the order. However, that is the past and what is the past should remain in the past. Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis had recently moved on from the order of Guardians of Kalimdor and their people, seeing as the Lord and Lady have gone and formed a order of his own.

Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis has formed a order of his own, known as Talah Zin Thera and stands sucessfully as the leader and grand Patriarch to the night elves and anyone else, who comes into Talah Zin Thera. Knighthaven does not spend much of his time within Stormwind City anymore, since after taking a kaldorei infant into his care, who's name is Stellaria Neph'anis and rather spends more of his time within his true home, Darnassus and his homelands of Kalimdor nowadays. He is known by many names and names of which that most people call him by, NephNeph'anisKin or Knighthaven, regardless if one were to approach, Knighthaven S. Neph'anis, then they would find that he has a substantial amount of respect and care for the weight of the many, rather it being his own kin or others that are not of his kin and that he only holds or places trust with those that he truly knows and that he is a very knowledgeable, mannered and wise kaldorei druid.


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